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Heart HQ is the only cardiology practice on the Sunshine Coast to have created specialised, custom-fitted clinics devoted to your heart health. Our Heart Centre at Sippy Downs, which includes a dedicated CT Clinic, features state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic equipment staffed by a team of experienced professionals.

The Heart Centre of the Sunshine Coast

Heart HQ is more than just a specialist cardiology practice. We are the Heart Centre of the Sunshine Coast, where people can come for anything heart related.

Many of our referrals start with a simple clinical heart murmur symptom. But at Heart HQ, you can be cared for, tested, scanned, diagnosed, treated, reviewed, educated and so much more.

Every sub-specialty of cardiology is covered by our extensively trained and experienced team, allowing us to cross-refer within the practice when necessary.

We operate the Sunshine Coast’s only dedicated cardiac CT clinic, featuring the very latest imaging technology.

We have the best people. We have the best equipment. We have widest offering of locations. But all that means very little without providing the best care. So our focus remains firmly on our patients and walking with them on their health journey.

All this is what makes us the Heart Centre of the Sunshine Coast.

The first and only CT coronary clinic on the Sunshine Coast

We’ve looked at best practice around the world and have seen the benefits on having a dedicated CT coronary clinic. Until now only major capital cities in Australia have had such a facility, but now thanks to our partnership with Sunshine Coast Radiology (SCR), this state-of-the-art clinic is available for referral by the local Sunshine Coast medical community.

The establishment of this clinic recognises the incredible advancements made in CT imagery, coupled with the advantages it offers in terms of non-invasive coronary discovery. We’re delighted to be working with the team at SCR in this clinic, and tests such as a CT coronary angiogram (CTCA) will be co-reported by the Heart HQ cardiologist and SCR radiologist.

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