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Trust and communication. We know how important these factors are when you refer a patient to Heart HQ.


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Trust and communication. We know how important these factors are when you refer a patient to Heart HQ. Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to earn and maintain your trust in our services, and will be available at all times to manage and share all relevant patient information.

We accept all cardiac related referrals from our GP and Emergency Physician colleagues, and offer a 365/24/7 on-call private cardiology service to the entire Sunshine Coast area and surrounds.

Hospital admissions are accepted at Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Buderim Private Hospital.

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Not sure which of the Heart HQ cardiologists might be best placed to care for your patient? Each of our cardiologists has specialised skills, deep experience and expert training in various areas of cardiac care. Check out our specialist bios in the link below.

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Podcast episode 18: Pacemakers and Syncope

In this episode, Peter and Stuart talk about pacemakers.As well as discussing the different varieties of pacemakers, they also take a look at the types of patients who would benefit from one - and those where a pacemaker is not

Podcast episode 17: Mental Health, Psychosocial Factors and Cardiac Risk

In this episode, Peter and Stuart discuss the link between stress, depression, anxiety and cardiac events.Stressful life events, such as the death of a spouse, and catastrophic events, such as floods, fires, the COVID 19 pandemic and terrorist attacks, have

Our MitraClip accreditation - How it benefits our patients

More than half a million Australians are currently living with a type of Heart Valve Disease (HVD), known as Mitral Regurgitation (MR), which if left untreated can lead to heart failure, but Heart HQ is now providing a new

Podcast episode 16: Hypertension

In this episode, Peter and Stuart talk about hypertension. According to the Heart Foundation, 1 in 3 adults have high blood pressure in Australia. As many people are asymptomatic, they may be unaware they have hypertension. Peter and Stuart discuss

Podcast episode 14: Happy New Year!

As the year draws to a close, Peter and Stuart reflect on the year that was and look ahead to a busy 2022. They also discuss a busy on-call Christmas period, which included a case of severe aortic stenosis. In

Patient Newsletter December 2021

Download the Patient Newsletter for December 2021 here: https://mailchi.mp/hearthq.com.au/patient-newsletter-december

Podcast episode 13: Christmas! Fun Facts About the Heart

As we are fast approaching Christmas, Peter and Stuart share some fun facts about the heart. For example, did you know that more heart attacks occur on Christmas Day than any other day of the year? And that our heart

Patient story: Tom Conwell

Tom Conwell On the 15th of January 2021 I was surfing at Dicky Beach with two friends. After about an hour they both left the water and we agreed to meet up for a coffee. I tried to get a

Diet and cardiovascular disease

Hypertension, being overweight and having high cholesterol are all risk factors for heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease – and all of these can be impacted by diet. Having a healthy, balanced diet can go a long way in improving

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