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Angiogram or PCI (Stent) aftercare

What to do after having an angiogram/stent procedure

Always follow the advice from the Hospital Nursing staff

  • Please heed all advice in regards to driving and wound/access site management
  • If you have any concerns or issues, call our office on 07 5414 1100. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm.

Visit: https://www.heartfoundation.org.au

  • Healthy eating: advice on a 'heart healthy diet', with recipes
  • Healthy living/exercise: advice on keeping active and how to exercise
  • 'After my heart attack': advice and information on what to do next

Enrol in a cardiac rehabilitation program at one of the following local hospitals

  • Buderim Private Hospital, Buderim
  • Selangor Hospital, Nambour
  • Noosa Private Hospital
  • Eden Rehab Hospital

Your cardiologist will advise you on this.

Keep taking any medicines you have been prescribed

  • Blood thinners (such as Aspirin plus Clopidogrel/Ticagrelor): to stop clots and reduce heart attacks
  • 'Statins': to reduce inflammation and cholesterol in your heart arteries and to reduce the chance of another cardiac event
  • Treat high blood pressure and diabetes if present

Follow up with your GP and Heart HQ Specialist

  • Follow up with your GP within a week from your procedure.
  • An appointment is usually scheduled with your specialist four to six weeks post procedure.

Follow up with Heart HQ practice nurse

  • Please call to make an appointment in the Heart HQ practice nurse’s weekly clinic if you have any post procedure concerns.

Chest pain action plan

  • Follow your heart specialist’s advice
  • Write it down and keep it in a handy place at home

Urgent concerns

  • Chest pain: if it's an emergency, call 000. Follow your chest pain action plan.
  • The Heart HQ interventional cardiologists provide a 24/7/365 acute heart attack service
  • Direct admissions to the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital or Buderim Private Hospital
  • After hours: contact the hospital directly and request admission as a priority Heart HQ patient.

Angiogram or PCI (Stent) aftercare info sheet


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