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Remote Home Monitoring (RHM)

If you’ve got an implanted cardiac device and deemed an eligible patient by your cardiologist, Heart HQ offers a Remote Home Monitoring Service.

Heart HQ believes in making our patients lives as easy as possible, especially for those who have had a cardiac device implanted (eg. a defibrillator, pacemaker or loop recorder) which will require continuing observation.

If you’ve got an implanted cardiac device and deemed an eligible patient by your cardiologist, Heart HQ offers a Remote Home Monitoring Service (RHM). This service uses new technology to allow your implanted cardiac device to be monitored by our clinic from the convenience of your home. The technology uses a landline or mobile connection and a remote transmitter.

Research has shown that early detection of problems with device function and heart rhythms through RHM leads to improved health outcomes and a reduction in hospital admissions.

The RHM service provides a link between your cardiac device and Heart HQ so your cardiologist can have timely access to your device’s data. The service allows us to provide more effective treatment decisions while still maintaining the same high level of care that you would get in clinic.

Ultimately the service is about providing peace of mind and eliminating a number of unnecessary trips to the clinic for ongoing and routine device checks.

Important notes

  • Programming changes CANNOT be made through your remote monitor
  • This service DOES NOT replace emergency services: for medical emergencies please call 000

Receiving a cardiac device transmitter

A device transmitter will be provided by your device company. Heart HQ will provide some basic training and a demonstration on how to set up the transmitter in your home. Additional instructions on installation will also be provided from the device company when you receive your transmitter.

Once you have installed the transmitter at home, you will be required to send a test transmission to ensure that data can be retrieved from your device and transmitted via the monitor.

How often is device data sent to the clinic?

Your implanted cardiac device will be monitored over 12 months and include regular automatic scheduled transmissions to ensure optimal device performance. Depending on your device model, you may be required to manually initiate a transmission.

Your scheduled transmissions will be reviewed by your cardiologist, and a copy of the report will be sent to your GP. You may at any time send an additional transmission if you experience any symptomatic episodes (i.e. palpitations, heart racing, shortness of breath, dizziness and fainting)—please contact our clinic so we can notify your cardiologist.

Communicating with you once your device data has been reviewed

You will receive notification via letter including
 the next date of your scheduled transmission. If the device needs an in-clinic review by your cardiologist, you will be contacted by phone as soon as possible. You may at any time request an update on the status of your transmission by phoning Heart HQ on 07 5414 1100.

Patient Eligibility

RHM service is available to all patients who have compatible devices and deemed suitable by their cardiologist.

Remote Home Monitoring (RHM) info sheet


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