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Discover a new and better way to detect, diagnose and treat valvular heart disease.

Heart Murmur Clinic

One of the keys to successful heart disease treatment is early detection. For this reason alone Heart HQ has established a dedicated resource to assist the local medical community and patients in identifying any valvular heart disease issues as quickly and early as possible.

The Heart HQ Murmur Clinic sets a new standard in diagnostic services and patient outcomes. Referred patients will be cared for by an integrated team of hearts experts, led by our interventional cardiologists. Specialised diagnostic tools and testing protocols using the latest technologies ensure the most accurate and timely responses designed to facilitate early treatment options before more serious problems emerge.

Additionally, the Murmur Clinic will act as an educational resource for GPs and other medicos who can access a range of information for their patients about valvular heart disease prevention and management.

Better heart health starts right here, at the Heart HQ Murmur Clinic.

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