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Our vision is to be a leader in integrated cardiology services.

We deliver excellence in compassionate patient care throughout Queensland.

Our vision

We are a leader of integrated cardiology services, delivering excellence in compassionate patient care throughout Queensland.

Our purpose

We improve patient health and provide positive outcomes while creating a caring environment for patients and staff.

Our great aspirations

1. Deliver excellence in service and care for patients.

2. Create and find innovative ways to deliver our services.

3. Have fun doing what we do best.

Our core values

We complete our tasks successfully and have a sense of accomplishment when we do.

We actively contribute towards our team’s results and support our decisions.

We actively seek opportunities to learn by formal and informal means. We learn from others, and adopt and share best practice.

We are accountable, committed and accept ownership for our decisions, actions and behaviour. We show integrity at all times—an uncompromising commitment to ethical and moral principles.

We pursue promotion, growth and achievement of our personal potential.