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We see you, not just your heart.

Our focus is on your heart and your health, but we see all of you. We never forget that you have chosen us to care for you on this part of your health journey. That’s a privilege we don’t take lightly.

Things to know about your Heart HQ appointment

Appointments are made on a next available basis. Of course, sometimes patients need to see us on an emergency basis. This can be arranged by your GP and will always be accommodated.

If you are scheduled for an appointment but feel your condition is deteriorating or needs urgent attention, please consult your GP immediately. Your GP can speak with your cardiologist if required and we will modify our schedules to see you as soon as possible.

We also operate a waitlist system for appointments. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to meet your scheduled appointment, please advise us as soon as possible so we can reschedule your appointment and offer another patient your original time.

Before you arrive for your appointment

Please bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Your referral from your GP
  • Medicare card
  • Private Health Fund details
  • A full list of your current medications
  • Results of any recent cardiac tests.

Hey, things happen …

Unfortunately, people can suffer cardiac emergencies at any time of the day and night. When it happens, members of our team may have to drop everything to look after them. This can mean your appointment may get delayed or need to be rescheduled altogether.

If this happens to you. we apologise for the inconvenience. But it’s a good reminder that if anything ever happens to you, the same emergency treatment protocols apply.

Good to know, right?


Get ready for a dirty four-letter word …. fees

No-one likes nasty surprises. Which is why we aim to be as transparent as possible with any fees, including out-of-pocket fees, you may incur as a patient of Heart HQ.

In particular, please see information below on the difference in fee structures between being an outpatient (not in hospital) as opposed to being an inpatient (hospital).

Outpatient Fees (not in hospital)

Like we said, transparency is good. So when you book your outpatient consultation or test, the Heart HQ receptionists will inform you of the cost and the Medicare rebate you will receive. You are probably aware that outpatient consultations and tests are not covered by private health insurance. Therefore you’ll be able to calculate your out-of-pocket expense.

Medicare claims can be processed online instantly at the time of payment, with refunds deposited automatically into your bank account if you have already set it up with Medicare. If not, you will need to go to a Medicare office for your rebate.

Inpatient Fees (in hospital)

Our cardiologists are NO-GAP DOCTORS so all your covered inpatient procedures will be taken care of by your private health fund and Medicare. No out-of-pocket expenses for you … YAY!

Just remember that private health fund claiming is only available for inpatient services linked to a hospital stay as a private patient in a private or public hospital. If you are fully covered for the procedure, your private health fund and Medicare will cover our fees.

If you’re in any doubt about your patient status or what you cardiac services you are covered for, we recommend you contact your private health fund directly.

Payment methods

We accept credit card, cheque or cash and provide EFTPOS facilities. As mentioned, Medicare refunds can be automatically processed at the time of payment. We ask patients to settle their accounts in full on the day of consultation.

Please contact the Heart HQ reception staff if you have any questions on 07 5414 1100.

Going to hospital

Heading to hospital?

Some procedures can be done at our clinics but others require a hospital visit. This usually depends on the nature of the procedure, anaesthetic requirements and recovery protocols.

If you’re scheduled for a procedure in hospital, it will take place at one of the following hospitals where our cardiologists have privileges –

  • Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, Birtinya
  • Buderim Private Hospital, Buderim
  • Caboolture Private Hospital. Caboolture
  • Nambour Selangor Private Hospital, Nambour

Each hospital has its own on-line admission process. Please find these in the links below.

Sunshine Coast University Hospital  Buderim Private Hospital  Nambour Selangor Private Hospital  Caboolture Private Hospital

Important information

Before you arrive at hospital please make sure you have the following with you –

  • Your SC Heart Patient Information folder
  • All current medications (this includes puffers for asthma)
  • Any relevant x-rays
  • Your health fund book or membership card
  • Your health benefit card
  • Your Medicare card

Please also note the following –

  • Please inform the admitting nurse if you are diabetic
  • Please inform the admitting nurse if you are taking Warfarin
  • Do not take diuretics (fluid tablets) on the morning of your procedure
  • You should wear light, comfortable clothing to the hospital for your procedure
  • As the hospital cannot accept responsibility for the security of valuables, we advise that these items be left at home (ie do not wear jewellery)
  • It is advisable to bring toiletries in case you are required to remain in hospital following your procedure
  • Patient mobile telephones and pagers are not to be used in the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory

You are requested to shower on the morning of your admission as you will be on bed rest following the procedure. Please do not use talcum powder or body lotions prior to your procedure.

It is essential that day stay patients make arrangements prior to admission to be escorted home by a responsible adult upon discharge. It is also advisable to arrange for a responsible adult to be at home with you after discharge in case you require assistance.

Care at home

Home is where the heart is. So look after your heart at home.

The key to recovery from certain procedures is to do the right things once you’re back in the comfort of your own home.

We ask that you follow any advice we have given you about post-procedure care, and if you have any questions just call us. We’re always available to chat to our patients.

If you’ve undergone an Angiogram/Stent procedure, the link below has specific information regarding your home care. This is important information so please take the time to review thoroughly.

Angiogram/Stent Home Care Information Sheet

What to do after having an angiogram/stent procedure

1. Always follow the advice from the Hospital Nursing staff in regards to driving and wound/access site management. If you have any concerns or issues, call our office on 07 5414 1100.

2. Visit: https://www.heartfoundation.org.au

  • Healthy eating: advice on a “heart healthy diet”, with recipes
  • Healthy living/exercise: advice on keeping active and who to exercise
  • “After my heart attack”: advice and information on what to do next

3. Enrol in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Programs on the Sunshine Coast are located at:

  • EONLife Wellness, Sippy Downs and link to website please https://eonlifewellness.com.au/
  • Buderim Private Hospital, Buderim
  • Selangor Hospital, Nambour
  • Noosa Private Hospital
  • Eden Rehab Hospital.

4. Medicines: make sure you are compliant with (don’t miss) any medicines you have been prescribed.

  • Blood thinners (such as aspirin plus clopidogrel/ticagrelor): these medicines stop clots and reduce heart attacks
  • “Statins”: reduce inflammation and cholesterol in your heart arteries and have been proven to reduce the chance of another cardiac event
  • Treat high blood pressure and diabetes if present

5. Follow up with your GP and Heart HQ Specialist.

  • Follow up with your GP within a week from your procedure.
  • An appointment is usually scheduled with your specialist 4-6 weeks post procedure.

6. Follow up with Heart HQ Practice Nurse.

  • Please call to make an appointment in the Heart HQ Practice Nurse’s weekly clinic if you have any post procedure concerns.

7. Chest pain action plan: follow your heart specialists advice

8. Urgent Concerns:

  • Chest pain: if it is an emergency, call 000. Follow your chest pain action plan.
  • The Heart HQ Interventional Cardiologists provide a 24/7/365 acute heart attack service
  • Direct admissions to The Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital or Buderim Private Hospital

After hours: contact the hospital directly: request admission as a priority Heart HQ patient.

Your rights

An informed patient is a smart patient.

We take our responsibilities as your heart health team seriously, and hope all our patients think likewise. The links below carry important information that may be of interest to you.

Patient rights and responsibilities  Heart HQ Privacy Policy  COVID-19 vaccination information

Your information

We ask new patients to the practice to fill out this interactive patient information form from home. Please download it and fill it out on-screen. Then save it and email it back to us.

Patient information form

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