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Trust and communication. We know how important these factors are when you refer a patient to Heart HQ.


07 5414 1100

GP priority line

07 5414 1190

This line is only to be used by GPs. Operates Mon-Fri, 8.00am–5pm

24/7 Interventional Cardiologist hotline

07 5414 1146

This line is for emergency use only, for GPs, hospitals and ambulances.


07 5414 1101

Refer with confidence

Trust and communication. We know how important these factors are when you refer a patient to Heart HQ. Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to earn and maintain your trust in our services, and will be available at all times to manage and share all relevant patient information.

We accept all cardiac related referrals from our GP and Emergency Physician colleagues, and offer a 365/24/7 on-call private cardiology service to the entire Sunshine Coast area and surrounds.

Hospital admissions are accepted at Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Buderim Private Hospital.

Refer with Confidence

Specialist people for specialist problems

Not sure which of the Heart HQ cardiologists might be best placed to care for your patient? Each of our cardiologists has specialised skills, deep experience and expert training in various areas of cardiac care. Check out our specialist bios in the link below.

Specialist People

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In our weekly podcast, Dr Peter Larsen and Dr Stuart Butterly discuss the latest developments in cardiology.

If you’re a cardiologist, a GP, a medical student, or anyone else with an interest in cardiology, we’ll cover the latest news and insights, as well as some interesting case studies from Heart HQ.

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