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Podcast episode 18: Pacemakers and Syncope

In this episode, Peter and Stuart talk about pacemakers.

As well as discussing the different varieties of pacemakers, they also take a look at the types of patients who would benefit from one - and those where a pacemaker is not needed.

You can listen to this episode here.

Show notes

There are three different types of pacemakers:

  1. Single chamber—features one lead that goes to the lower chamber of the heart
  2. Dual chamber—features two leads, one to the upper and one to the lower chamber of the heart
  3. Biventricular—features three leads, one to the upper and two to the lower chamber of the heart

In addition, an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) is a device that detects and treats abnormal rhythms in the heart ventricle. In a life-threatening situation, the device works by sending either small electrical impulses or an electrical shock to the heart to restore normal heart rhythm.

You can find out more here and here.

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