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Patient story: Dr Nanu Grewal


Dr Nanu Grewal shares his story of an unexpected heart attack.

The CT calcium score is the international gold standard for predicting heart attacks in people over the age of 50. It’s painless, quick and available through Heart HQ’s CT Clinic—the only one of its kind on the Sunshine Coast.

My name is Dr Nano Grewa, I’m 54 years old and I work as an emergency department doctor in a rural hospital in Queensland. I always consider myself as zero risk factor, fit, healthy and non-smoker. On Anzac day I was preparing to go to work but instead I was taken by some mysterious symptoms which were the start of a serious heart attack.

I was rushed to the angiogram suite and proceeded to have my Cardium safeguarded by a little precious ring called a stent. These waveforms are described as tombstones because they denote such a serious state of disease that leads to people ending up in a grave. The type of disease that I had could have been detected. Had I participated in obtaining a calcium score myself I would never in a million years have said, “you know I would have ended up being a cardiac patient.”

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