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Mediterranean Diet and Heart Health

The Mediterranean diet is gaining a lot of popularity in the nutrition space, for good reason. Research has shown this

Diet and cardiovascular disease

Hypertension, being overweight and having high cholesterol are all risk factors for heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease – and

5 benefits of exercise for heart health

According to government guidelines, we should be physically active for 30-45 minutes a day, five times a week. We all

Latest Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines and Myocarditis and Pericarditis

The government has release new guidelines on myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. You can download the guidelines below:

Statins: Important for the prevention of cardiovascular disease progression

One of the questions we are often asked by patients is should they really be taking statins? There is so

Heart attack signs: How do you know if you’re having one?

Almost 20 Australians suffer a fatal heart attack every day. Heart attacks occur when the arteries that supply blood to

Heart HQ celebrates World Heart Day by launching a podcast!

September 29th is World Heart Day. On this day, Heart HQ is urging people to focus on their heart

Be heart attack aware this World Heart Day

In Australia, around 375,000 people will have a heart attack at some time in their life. While the number of

Women and cardiovascular disease – what you need to know

Did you know that three out of 10 Australian women will die from cardiovascular disease? Or that half a million

COVID-19 and heart disease—all you need to know to protect your heart

Heart Foundation has made a helpful info sheet with insights into protecting your heart health in the COVID-19 era.

Should my patient stop their ACE inhibitor/ARB while we battle COVID-19?

We have received many questions from our GPs, specialist colleagues and patients regarding the speculation that patients with COVID-19 who

Is red wine any good for my heart?

Red wine in moderation has long been considered good for the heart, mainly by increasing high-density lipoprotein (the ‘good’ cholesterol)

Is laughter the best heart medicine?

Research on the topic is limited, but some studies indicate people who are often angry and uptight tend to have

Coconut oil: Superfood or super fad?

Coconut oil has recently gained popularity due to heavy marketing in the US and Australia. There’s a significant amount of

Watching sport or playing sport—which is best for you?

As we gear up for the Olympics, we’re building excitement to watch the impressive feats of human sporting achievement. But

Coffee and the risk of heart disease

Coffee has a long history of health suspicion. It has been blamed for a variety of health problems from anxiety

Who is at risk of a heart attack?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death and illness in Australia. Trying to predict who will have a heart

What are 'heart healthy' foods?

Our Heart HQ cardiologists are often asked what foods to eat to avoid a heart attack or stroke. One of

Chocolate and the heart

Is eating chocolate a good thing for your heart or are you edging yourself closer to a heart attack with

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